Counselor’s Corner

September, 2017

Welcome to the Counseling Corner! Mrs. Copeland and Miss Burr are both back for their 4th years at Hazel Grove and are very excited to be part of such a positive team. We loop with each grade level each year. This year Mrs. Copeland will be with 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade, while Miss Burr will be with K, 1st and 5th. The purpose of the Counseling Program at Hazel Grove is to help students grow academically, socially and personally. We are going to be focusing a lot this year on relationships. Relationships are so important in healthy development! We will be going into each classroom once every other week providing lessons supporting relationship growth with ourselves, others & the world.

Kansas City Kansas Public Schools has implemented a program called Character Plus. Each month we focus on a character trait in a District wide effort to support character growth. Research has shown that Character development is essential for our children having a happy and healthy future.

In the month of September we will be focusing on Responsibility. Being Responsible is an important character trait for our students to develop in order to be successful at school, as well as in life. It’s important we instill this in our kiddos at a young age because it is a learned behavior. With some practice and clear set boundaries, we can partner together to help our students become responsible young men and women. Some things you could try at home are:

  1. Set aside a specific time each afternoon when your child gets home for them to complete homework and/or read.
  2. Create a chore list together that is fair, age appropriate and clearly defined. Throwing in some type of consistent reward once a week is a great way to keep them motivated!
  3. Model behaviors that support consistency and accountability with yourself. Our babies are sponges and role model behavior is a great way for them to learn.


We are happy to partner with families in any way we can! We welcome your input and any support. Feel free to call if you want to talk or set up an appointment, or email us at any time. Thank you for your support!


Lise Copeland & Sarah Burr

913-627-7043, 913-627-7041,