About Us

About Us

At Hazel Grove, our mission is to inspire excellence – every grownup, every child, every day.  Our vision is to be one of the top schools in our district.  We value the wonderful diversity we have in the students and families that call Hazel Grove home.  We celebrate the amazing variety of cultures, languages, and traditions that our students and their families bring with them while we learn together what it means to be a responsible citizen, an honest and persevering learner, and a compassionate and cooperative team member.

To support these values, we offer such activities as Student Council, YLOT (Young Leaders of Tomorrow), grade level career explorations, our monthly HERO assembly that recognizes those students who are demonstrating good character, and our monthly HIVE Time that organizes students into multi-grade level groups to learn and practice their social – emotional skills and build collaborative relationships with students and adults.  We also have a proud tradition of PTA and the many community-building activities they sponsor throughout the year.

Hazel Grove has a rich history in the community.  Our school was organized in 1867 on land originally owned by J.M. Mahany as part of the Common Schools movement.  It was named for the grove of Hazel nut trees growing in the vicinity at the time.  Over the years, Hazel Grove has been rebuilt and added onto, evolving from a one-room schoolhouse to a four-room building, and from two buildings to its current version that was constructed and rededicated in October of 2013.  Today, we continue the tradition of providing a quality public education to those students who call our neighborhood their home.

 Hazel Grove Pledge 

Another way we reinforce our Hazel Grove values as a community of learners is through our school pledge that we recite each morning.

Today, I promise
To be safe, responsible,
And respectful.
I will do my best
As a Hazel Grove Hornet.

We also emphasize Daily Acts of Kindness to make sure we’re putting our values into practice every day.

Daily Acts of Kindness

  • Pick up trash you see in the hallway
  • Give Someone a compliment
  • Make freinds with someone new
  • Help a friend in need
  • Smile
  • Say “Thank You”
  • Listen to your teachers
  • Be polite